Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are there polar-bears in Poland?

I had a friend, he was American. I once mentioned to him, that when I was in Canada, I was asked if there were polar-bears in Poland (since it is called PoleLand - it must be on the North Pole, and since it is on the North Pole - there must be polar-bears). He teased me ever since: “So in Poland you have polar-bears instead of puppies”, or “So when I come to visit, you will pick me up from the airport riding a big white sledge pulled by polar-bears?”.
All was meant as a joke, of course, but I really believe that the way he pictured Poland was not very far from the polar-bears-version: lot's of snow, cold, no heating, no electricity, rrrrred cheeked girls and sturrrdy boys all speaking wiz fani akcent, and - of course – lot's of vodka... But, seriously, there is nothing like that in Poland - we are no Russia ;)


  1. I laughed!
    As I come from an even more unknown country Latvia, I have experience with this kind of stories. :) Once, I was asked if Latvia is in Poland, another time an Italian guy was introducing me to his friends in Italian saying I came from Lapland. I even made an English girl to believe that Latvia is located in Africa and the only transportation from UK is by boat which is going once a week :) And when my Philippine friend came to visit me during the winter time and I took her to the frozen sea, she asked where are the penguins, to which I answered that they have been eaten by polar bears and we actually have to beware. And finally my most favourite: this was an English girl again who didn't believe that temperature can climb down to minus 25, according to her theory - if it really happened the air would freeze and become ice!

  2. Hi Li,
    had a good laugh when I read your stories. I sometimes wonder what happened to good ol' education. The temperature cannot go down to 25 deg? facepalm
    Nice to have you on board! Hope to hear more stories from you.